Bogota VFW

Lower Hall

Upper Hall

Monday through Thursday:       $425

  (Party for 4  hour period)

Monday through Thursday:       $950

  (Party for 4  hour period)

Friday (4 hour period):             $500

Friday (4 hour period):              $1,150

Saturday (4 hour period):          $550

Saturday (4 hour period):          $1,250

Sunday (4 hour period):            $1,050

Sunday (4 hour period)        $475

Deposit: $200*

Deposit: $400*

*  Security Deposits are not applied to totals for the parties and is returned once cleaning crews have inspected equipment and facility.

ALL parties starting after 4 pm can enter hall starting at noon.   Arrangements can be made for parties starting before 4pm the same day.

As of 1/1/2019


Additional hour all days:          $200

Additional hour all days:       $100

NOTE:  Two professional cleaning crews are retained to insure you walk in to a clean sanitized facility, and it is left like that for the next party.    Attendant will be present at all times during the event.   Beer and wine, sodas, and food can be brought in by party.  Entertainment and caterer can be brought in by party.  On day of your party check to see if  Ice is available to purchase from bar downstairs.    Water trays and racks are available to place aluminum food pans.  See attendant for kitchen availability and pricing.


You can come and view both halls when our members bar is open Monday to Friday 4:30pm to 8pm (Temporarily closed on Wednesdays until further notice), and on weekends from noon to 8pm.   You can print out the contract or come in on Tuesdays from 5pm to 8pm or Thursdays from 7pm to 9pm when staff are available to accept and help you complete the contract.  Just click with your mouse on each page to open it as a full sized picture and print the page out before filling it out.   A .JPEG and .PDF version of the contract is below.  First three pages are necessary of the contract.  Guidelines for pricing are strickly adhered to and are posted above under STANDARD PRICING FOR PARITES.

If you are unable to print the page in Portrait directly from you browser, save the page and open it in any of your picture programs to print.   YOU SHOLD CALL FIRST TO CONFIRM THAT THE DATE AND HALL YOU WANT IS AVAILABLE AND FOR ANY OTHER QUESTIONS (201-343-9693).

When the contract is reviewed and approved by available staff mentioned above (Tuesdays and Thursdays) a VFW signed copy of the contract will be available to you if you chose to pick it up or before the start of your event.  If there are errors to the contract you completed we will call to verify changes needed before agreeing and the VFW validating the contract by signing it.  Please call and someone will get back to you within two days after your message if you are not sure of what you are signing.

 If no agreement is reached in person or by phone on the contract you submitted, the VFW will not reserve the date and your deposit is returned in full to be picked up.   Once the contract is signed and dated by a VFW representative that is the time the contract is in effect.

Page 1

Page 2

Page 3

Page 4

gallery/elec contract pg1 2
gallery/elec contract pg4
gallery/elec contract pg3
gallery/elec contract pg2

If due to distance where you are located or other factor you cannot drop off the contract with the deposit (veterans oversees as an example), it can be sent electronically and we will await a check in the mail (envelope retained for date of receipt) to review the contract to confirm or call you for corrections.    Contract and check must be received three weeks prior to your event as a minimum in order to sign acceptance of contract on page 3 and reserve the date you selected.

Bogota VFW hall flyer:

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Fill in Saturday or other day prices according to prices above.

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